Spongebob Squarepants



Introduction: Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob is knitted 10x12 inch rectangle which is stuffed with fibre fill

to make him you will need

knitting needles I think I used 4mm

yellow wool 1 skein.

small amount of white and brown, blue,pink

blue,burgandy,white, black red and pink felt squares for face

tapestry needls

scissorstape measure

ps I crocheted the whites of his eyes but u can use white felt hope this helps someone cos I couldn't find a recipe for him except a paid ;one.

Step 1: Body

cast on 30 sts and knite a square in stocking st.Do not bind off but change color to white and st stitch for4 rows

then change color to brown and knit 12=14 rows or however long u want pants to be. Knit 2 of these rectangles

Step 2: Strip for Joining Front and Back Body Pieces

cast on 10 rows or however wide you want body to be in white. st st 4 rows, change color to brown. knit long enough to go down side of front rectangle across bottom and back up other side to reach the white. change color to white and knit 4 rows...change color to yellow and knit till it reaches the white on the other side.I did not join the strip to make a circle its up to you, before I joined it to front of body using whip ;st.

Step 3: Make Arms and Legs

lcast on 10 sts in gold for legs.Knit about 2 inches and change to white. knit 2 rows and change color to pink and knit 2 rows. change color to white andknit 2 rows. change color to blue and knit 2 rows. Change back to white and knit leg to desired lenth making a black shoe if you want to. I just made a square and squished it.

Arms are in yellow to desired length with a short color change to white for about an inch for his sleeves.

Step 4: Face

Using felt squares cut out circles in white blue and black for eyes. sew them ontop of each other and then onto

look at pic to see shape of mouth teeth and tongue and cut out of felt accordingly

Step 5: Stuff

finish face before sewing the other side of strip to the back rectangle leaving a hole to stuff with fibrefill

Sew on legs on bottom of rectangle close together. Make two rectangles for shorts to go around the legs. Again I started with 10 sts and knitted to desired length.

Sew on arms just above white stripe on either side of bod.

stuff with fibre fill and sew up hole.


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    Nice sponge bob. Do you have any more pictures of the creation process?


    Reply 7 years ago

    sorry this was made for a neighbour so I did not take many pictures only the one u see. if u have any questions I will be happy to answer them as best I can