Introduction: SpookBot

This project was created for a party. The objective was to make something to scare my friends with as they entered the party.

The result was a motion detection based device that turned on light and a speaker and turned off as they exited the room.

Step 1: Connect

Connect two motion detectors through a resistor to a raspberry pi. Add a relay switch.

Connect the relay to speakers and a light. Follow the tutorial on the Cayenne page if you have not done this before. It is easy!

Step 2: Set Up the Detectors

I positioned one in the entrance and one at the exit (Small hole in the wall....). Connect relay to the speaker and light and place at suitable place.

Step 3: Set Up Cayenne

Add devices and triggers on Cayenne to make it all connected.

Step 4: Enjoy the Scaryness!

Laugh at your friends as they react!