Simple Spooky Blood Red LED Lights




Introduction: Simple Spooky Blood Red LED Lights

It should be named Spooky Blood Red LED lights when you're too lazy to go buy some.

We put up some spider webs on the front of the house but I wasn't quite happy with the results so I decided they needed some red lights.

Being too lazy to go find red bulbs or red gel sheets, I decided to see what I had at the house to make a quick red LED for my bloody spider webs and here's what I found.

- 800 lumen sylvania LED bulb. I realize these aren't cheap but I happened to have some lying around that weren't being used. You could use any LED bulb
- Elmers Red Paint Pen. I have 3 kids, there's a lot of red pens laying around....
- 75 watt portable work light.

Step 1: Prepare Your Bulb

Here's the white bulb.....

Here's the red paint pen....

Here's the now red bulb after being painted by the pen....

Here's the bulb inserted into the work light....

Step 2: Turn on Light.....

Now the LED is red!

Step 3: Strategically Place Your Spooky Light

Find the optimal spot for your apply blood red light and let the neighbors enjoy your ingenious glory!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea!

    Do you think the paint will come off easily, should you want to return these bulbs to non-red service? I've got a couple LED bulbs that would be great for this, but wouldn't want to risk completely ruining them.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks seamster. The elmers paint actually comes off pretty easy. I
    have painted some LED bulbs before and used 99% alcohol to remove it
    which works surprisingly well.