Introduction: Spooky Ghost With Arduino

Have you ever wanted to make a simple rig to frighten your neighbors, all in the holiday spirit? Look no further. This Arduino ghost is one of the most simplistic and easy decorations you can make! Its great for children and beginners to Arduino alike! Using a simple blink function and two LEDs in parallel, Its amazing what you can do! With nothing other than a paper cover, these LEDs turn into glowing, evil eyes! The most important part of this project is the dual blinking LEDs, and the cover can be made out of whatever you want. This project is so simple anyone can do it! Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Step 1: The Arduino

This is an Arduino Uno, with it you can create a blinking function through the use of one of the most simple programs. The programming of this function is quite simple and great for kids or beginners, just be sure not to forget and semicolons or brackets. It is also imperative that you set your USB drive correctly before uploading. The exact program above is the one I used to create this simple decoration.

Step 2: Wiring

Due to the design of my program, I ran my positive wire from port 13 into my bread board. This then traveled through two setups of 330 Ohm resistors and LEDs set in parallel. Using a bread board, this set up is demonstrated in the first image. The wiring is simple and introductory, which is also great for kids. Using a bread board simplifies it further. The Arduino must be hooked up to a power source, and must also have the program uploaded to it. In the second image you can see the battery connection and the connection to the computer with code.

Step 3: Design Your Creature

Now comes the easy and fun part! Any creature can be designed from any medium. This part of the project is completely open and up to the creativity of anyone designing it.

Step 4: Scaring Time!

Here is where you get to hang up your ghost and show it off to Trick-or-Treaters! Congratulations on completing this simple, fun, and DIY project. This project crosses the technological world with the creative world and allows adults and children alike to delve into the world of Arduino.

Step 5: