Spooky Graveyard Cemetary Halloween Costume

Introduction: Spooky Graveyard Cemetary Halloween Costume

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This is pretty low tech. we made my partner into a cemetary for Halloween. We found a dozen foam tombstone decorations at a dollar store and screwed them to a green outfit. Added some bats on wire to a hat and wore the sign as a belt.


Tools: something to cut wire, drill or hole punch.

Clothes: green pants/vest/coat, hat

Supplies: dozen tombstones, 24 screws, plastic jug, bats, skeletons, 3 feet of wire, graveyard sign. thick rope for belt.

Step 1: Screwing on a Gravestone.

Before you screw on a gravestone, you need to protection. Cut 12 strips slightly smaller than the gravestone bottom from the empty plastic bottle. We used a vinegar bottle here. I predrilled the plastic, but you could use scissors, or just punch it through without hole preparation, depending on your tolerance for tearing.

Try to keep the gravestones base being UP and DOWN so they are less floppy. Nothing is worse than being floppy when you are screwing on a gravestone.

The gravestones were dense foam almost like plastic cardboard, so they were light, but could take a good screw without preparation.

Just screw with the plastic on the inside of the clothes, through the protective strip, through the clothing, and directly into the tombstone. It is possible to screw through your clothes without wrecking them depending on the girth you are using to screw.

If you make sure your plastic strips are nice and rounded on the end instead of just rectangles, your protection will be less irritating after you are done screwing. We first tried screwing without protecting the hole, but after some vigourous screwing it kept falling out. The protection helps fill the hole and prevents fallout.

Try to put the gravestones out of the way of swinging arms, and places you bend like your knees. We put the ones on the back flat, so he could sit. We didn't want him being poked form behind.

He added some skeletons like they were laying in front of the graves with a few pieces of wire or thread. The rememberance day poppies were an afterthought.

Step 2: Hat: Bats in the Belfry

We had a black staw hat and some glow in the dark bats. I cut 3 10 inch pieces of wire and just wired through the bats and then hooked it into the straw of the hat so they would dangle around and add some interest.

He took some hemp rope and tied it to the sign and just let it hang there and point up. It amused the drunks.

Pretty simple, but everyone seemed to like it. It was different, but fun.

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