Introduction: Spooky Halloween Glasses

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn to create this awesome spooky Halloween glasses to go along with your costume. The example was done in about 2 hours; 30 mins to create 3D model file and 1 ½ hour for 3D print.

To get started, you’ll need:

· Illustrator software (Free trial version here)

· 123D Design software (Free download here)

· Glue gun

· 3D printer (We’ll use Makerbot in example. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can follow this tutorial to practice 3D modeling skills.

Step 1: Sketch Out a Design for Glasses

Sketch out a design for the glasses. Here, I have the text, “Spooky” with a witches’ hat. (Tip: For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll print the design as one piece. Make sure your design elements are connected to the frame so that it’ll print as one object. For actual size, you will want to print the text and hat design separately. Use a glue gun to connect parts together.)

Step 2: Import Sketch Into Illustrator

We’ll need to separate the design cutouts in Illustrator before importing into 3D modeling software. Let’s scan your sketch. (Tip: Take a picture with your camera if you don’t have a scanner. Save the file to your computer.)

First, open up Illlustrator. Go to File and locate your sketch.

Once the file opens, go to Object, scroll down to Image Trace tool, and select Make and Expand. This tool creates and outline of your design in seconds.

Step 3: Import File Into 123D Design

Open up 123D Design and import your svg files are sketches.

Next, highlight your glasses design and extrude to a thickness you want. In the example, I assigned 1/4” as the thickness of the glasses. Now, we need to remove the cutouts. Extrude the cutouts to a greater height. I extruded cutouts to 1”.

Under Combine, select the Subtract tool to remove the cutouts.

The end product should be the frame with the cutouts.

Step 4: Create the Hinge and Template for the Glasses

Use simple tools under Primitive menu to create the hinge and temple for your glasses. I used the box for the hinge and temple.

Step 5: Export File for 3D Print

Great work! You’re ready to send your design for 3D print. You can export to a STL file and open up in your 3D printing software. (Tips: When you export to 3D print, you’ll want to consider printing the temple as a separate file.) You can download the 3D model file (.thing file) from this tutorial. The stl file is available from our website.

Be sure to check back on our website,, for updates on our apps and tips on 3D printing.