Introduction: Spooky Night Lamp

(Sorry for bad english)

First of all you'll need imagination, my lamp is a source for inspiration,of course you can make everything you want,but I personally made an cybersoldier with a dog and a monster behind him (Siren Head).

You can use all type of components even ICs.But you have to be carefull what you use to not create shorts for your supply.

I used:

LEDs(make sure to use an resistor in series with the leds)



Power supply or battery


A circuit board to place the figurines and power the LEDs trough.

Step 1: The Monster

I used for the monster only copper whire with solder and two caps on head.I put an led at his legs which creates a spooky shadow.The monster is soldered on the circuit board.The led is powered trough board.You have to take care because your board might be connected to all pins, as an alternative you can take the power from the battery with 2 wires and drill a small hole trough board and put the wires where is your led.

Step 2: Cyber Soldier

The soldier was a little bit harder to make because I had to put components and be careful to not create a short.I made a gun with a red led a resistor to not burn the led, a capacitor as an ammo magazine.To power the leds I took voltage from board trough his legs.

I'm pretty happy with the results but you could do'it better.

Step 3: A Dog and a Tree

For this I think you can see in the photo all you need.

I used a rechargeable battery (4V LI-ION)

Tips and ideas:

Take your time.

Use as many components as you can.

Be sure there is no short in your circuit.

You can use a blinker circuit to make it even scary.Just search on google blinker circuit.

And the most important: BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN.