Introduction: Spooky Spider Coaster

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Create a spooky spider drinks coaster, this is designed for CNC or laser machines and created in Artcam Express software, but there is no reason you cant make this out of card with a pair of scissors.

Step 1:

Step 2: ​​Creating the Vectors

1 Create a new model width 200 height 100mm, thickness 3mm, origin in center

2 Create a circle in the center, radius 50

3 Create a rectangle in the centre width 15 height 3

4 Shift select the circle and align right

5 Zoom in to where they touch and nudge the rectangle to the right so they just overlap

6 Enter node editing and remove the right vertical span

7 Select the rectangle and select Block/Copy Rotate choose rotate copy, rotation centre (0,0), Incremental 30 degrees, 9 objects, apply

8 Select the rectangles shown and delete them

9 Delete the unwanted spans around each of the 9 rectangles

10 Box select all the vectors and Join with coincident nodes

Now we have created the base with slots for the legs

Step 3: ​Creating the Legs

1 Move the base to the left of the model holding down the alt key. The first rectangle you created will be the
guide for creating the legs

2 Draw a straight polyline from the bottom left corner of the original triangle

3 Draw the vectors shown to create the top shape of the legs

Step 4:

4 Hold down Ctrl and pull a copy of the top leg shape down like shown below

Step 5:

5 Create a circle where shown to create a foot. Enter node editing and move the top point and its handles down to squash the circle. Remove the bottom spans.
6 Trim the unwanted vectors

Step 6:

7 Move the inner node to the edge of the base.

Now to start adding the detail

Step 7:

8 Create the detail shown by using arcs and lines

Step 8:

9 Move the base out of the way of the leg, ensure all your vectors are contacting one another and are correct, and Join with coincident nodes

Step 9:

10 Round off the top of your spider leg using an arc

Step 10:

11 Make copies of your leg so you have 8 to complete your spider and arrange sensibly on your model

Step 11:

12 Copy all the pieces of the coaster 3 times

Step 12: Machining the Design

1 Create a profile toolpath, profile outside, finish depth of 3, 0.25mm end mill, add appropriate bridges and calculate

2 Simulate toolpath

3 Export the G-code

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