Introduction: Spool Holder and Marble Stopper (3D Printer)

There are many types of Spool holder.

Most of the "spool holder" work well unless it still having "certain amount" of filament (heavy). Otherwise, the extruder will "pull" the whole spool up and down (one side) during Retraction (printing).

I am now using the threaded rod one with Spool holder (bearing), as seem on the video, it turns really smooth....these frictionless action "pull out" a really length of filament and causing trouble.

So, I design both the "Spool holder" and "Marble stopper" for 3D printer.


For "Spool holder"

1x M8 threaded rod (~12cm), 4 nuts, 1 washer, 2 spring washers, 2x 608ZZ bearing (8x22x7) + STL file

For "Marble stopper"

Marble (~11.5 diameter), some packing spongy + STL file

Step 1: Spool Holder

I always buy filament from one shop (or two), so I design a spool holder which specially for their filaments.

The spool holder's can hold diamater for 56.5mm to 58mm or 72.5mm to 74.5mm.

Since I am using Anycubic Mega, I just drill a hole and replace the original holder with M8 threadrod.

Step 2: Marble Stopper

The "white" spongy is from packing material, it act as spring and allow the marle move.

The "small" marble (11.5mm diamater) act as a lock on the spool holder and resist the retraction action of printing.

U can adjust the resistance by a spring washer.

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