Introduction: Spoon Lamp

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own spoon lamp. 

Step 1: Required Materials

1. Plastic spoons
2. Hot glue gun with glue sticks
3. Large axial symmetric bottle made of thin plastic
4. Light bulb
5. Light socket with an outlet plug
6. Extension chord
7. Scissors
8. Drill

Step 2: Prepare Materials

First, plug in the hot glue gun and use scissors to cut off the handles of all the spoons. 

Step 3: Layering the First Row

Using the hot glue, place spoons in horizontal rows starting at the base of the bottle. The tip of the spoons should be positioned in such a way that they are facing the neck of the bottle. 

Step 4: Layering the Rest of the Bottle

Continue to place spoons on the second row but use the window effect (place the spoon in between the two below). Continue this effect for the rest of the bottle. 

Step 5: The Crown

The last row of spoons for the lamp should be placed horizontally to create a crown design. 

Step 6: Cut a Hole at the Bottom of the Base

Create a hole at the bottom of the bottle by drilling two holes and using scissors. Be sure that a light bulb can fit through the hole. If desired, the hole can be made before gluing the spoons on the bottle. 

Step 7: Create a Slit

Cut a triangular slit out from the hole. This is so the bulb and the stabilizer can fit through the hole. 

Step 8: Lightbulb Mount

Using two handles, hot glue two handles to the socket in a V-shape as shown. 

Step 9: Place Lightbulb in Bottle

Insert the mount and lightbulb in the bottle through the hole and triangular slit. When inserted correctly, the lightbulb should not be able to come out. 

Step 10: Use Extension Chord to Turn on Lamp

Plug the light socket in with via extension chord to complete the lamp. The lamp can be hung anyway.