Introduction: Spoon Making

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I realized a few weeks ago that it had been a long while since I had done anything creative, I've been so wrapped up in math and engineering crap for school. I got an itch to make something and decided to make a couple of spoons for two friends of mine, then I just kept making! These are made from a 2x3 maple board from the hardware store and finished with coconut oil and beeswax. The markings are kolrosing, a very old Scandinavian technique for adding decoration to carved pieces. It's basically a tattoo in the wood. The text inscription on the spoon is elder futhark (again, a very old Scandinavian alphabet) and reads "amazeballs," phoneticized as nearly as I could get. 

There are already several spoon carving guides around here so this will just be a photo gallery to show off my work, but if there's any interest in kolrosing i could do an instructable on that, just ask!

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