Sports Card Bookcase



Introduction: Sports Card Bookcase

Transform a plain bookcase with sports cards!

Step 1: Find a Bookcase and Supplies.

I bought a cheap bookcase for just a few pennies, and wanted to transform it into a nice bookcase for a young boy’s room. I started with a bottle of Modge Podge, and a stack of baseball cards. Baseball fans do not despair, most of the cards were from 1993, the most worthless year of card collecting!

Step 2: Add a Base Coat of Paint.

I begin by painting a base coat of glossy white to the entire bookcase. The blue wooden tub was purchased at a different yard sale, but it seemed to fit the bookcase well. I needed several coats of paint to cover the flowers.

Step 3: Glue the Sports Cards.

Before gluing the cards, I measured the cards and the bookcase carefully. I trimmed several cards to fit the sides of the bookcase. I applied Modge Podge to the back of the cards, then stuck them to the bookcase walls. I pressed the cards firmly, holding them in place for a few seconds, then added more Modge Podge to the tops of the cards. Be sure to add lots of Modge Podge to the card edges. I used a glossy version of Modge Podge for this project. Since both the Modge Podge and the paint were glossy, paint the Modge Podge freely over the bookcase and the cards. The Modge Podge goes on white, but will dry clear. Be aware that this is a messy, sticky project. Work on a drop cloth, or go outdoors.

Step 4: Accessorize!

This finished bookcase will look so nice in a little boy’s bedroom! Use it for books or sports equipment.

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