Introduction: Sports ID: ID, Insurance and Emergency Contact Info

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We are often bike riding, running, canoeing etc. and it isn't always convenient (or smart) to carry a wallet.  So I came up with a cheap, somewhat element proof way to carry an ID while I'm working out.

You might have everything you need hanging around the house:

Materials Needed:
- ID
- Insurance Card
- Emergency Contact Name & Number
- Copier
- Scissors
- Clear packing Tape

NOTE:  For obvious reasons I am using a couple of blank pieces of paper as stand-ins for my ID and insurance card.

Step 1: Make Copies of Your Cards and Put It All Together

Make a copy of the cards you will be using, find somewhere on the cards and write in your Emergency Contact Information.

1 - Cut out the copies of your ID and Insurance Card

2- Pull out a piece of Packing Tape and lay it down on the table sticky side up

3 - Carefully place your id's face down on the tape

4 - Fold the tape and trim the edges

Viola!  You have a somewhat element proof lightweight ID and Insurance card to take with you when you work out.