Introduction: Sports Team Wine Bottle Display

This project is an easy, DIY, craft that allows you to reuse old wine bottles for a display that can either be placed in a bar, a bedroom, a man cave, or anywhere you are looking to show your sports team pride. While the display shown here shows the four major Philadelphia sports team, what is unique about this is you can choose any sports team and create a similar look while making it custom for you and your favorite teams. Hope you enjoy this project and can find a way to make it your own.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Collect the following materials in order to complete this project.

  • 4 wine bottles of the same size (this project used 4 750 mL wine bottles)
  • At least 2 paint brushes
  • Craft glue
  • Modge Podge
  • Adhesive Remover with scraper
  • Scissors
  • Dish soap and towel
  • Pictures involving logos, players, and other memorabilia for each team on printer paper
  • Battery operated lights (optional, not pictured)

Step 2: Clean the Wine Bottles

Remove Paper Label: First remove the label on each wine bottle as best you can with your hands. If you are having trouble soak the bottle in hot water for a few minutes and scrape the label off using the scraper from the adhesive remover bottle. You want to remove all of the white parts of the label, only leaving behind the sticky residue.

Once you have gotten as much of the label off as possible then you will use the adhesive remover to soak the sticky area. Once it is soaked let it sit for about 30 seconds and then scrape off. If there are any issues refer to the directions on the label of the adhesive remover. This should remove all of the sticky residue that would be left from the label. If there are any trouble spots, these should be removed once you wash the bottle or can be covered later with photos.

Remove Metal Label: If there is a metal label at the neck of the bottle this will be need to removed as well. This can be done by sliding the label down the neck of the bottle so that it is loose. Then carefully, wedge the scissors in between the label and the neck of the bottle and cut with the scissors away from you. Also you can throw away the cap of the bottle at this point.

Repeat these steps for each of the four bottles. After this is done wash each wine bottle inside and out with dish soap and dry. The last picture shows what your bottles should look like after they are completely cleaned.

Step 3: Gather the Photos

Find items online to print, at home, or at your local sports memorabilia store to use for your project. Photos, stickers, or other decals that represent each of your teams can be used. Cut items to desired length using scissors. The number of pictures needed is up to you and how much empty space you wish to be on the bottle.

Step 4: Glue the Photos

Once all of the photos are cut, and the other decorations are ready to use, you will now get ready to place the photos on the bottle. Pour some glue onto a paper plate or napkin, and paint a light coat of glue onto the back of the photo. Then place onto the bottle and smooth any bumps with your fingers. Do this for each photo and place evenly around the bottle until you have your desired look. You can also stick any other stickers you may have on the bottle. Repeat this step for each of the four bottles.

Step 5: Use Modge Podge to Seal the Photos

After you have glued the photos on each of the bottles, you will then want to brush over the entire bottle with Modge Podge which is available at Walmart or any crafts store. This is done by dipping a brush into the Modge Podge container, and brushing a light coat over the entire bottle, including all of the pictures, until it is fully coated. This will allow your photos to stick better and not peel off. This coat will initially be white but it will then dry into a cloudy, transparent coat. If there are any issues refer to the sealer instructions on the Modge Podge bottle. Repeat this for each of the bottles and let dry for 20-30 minutes.

Step 6: Add the Lights

At this point all of the bottles are fully decorated, the last step is to bring them all together into one display using string lights. You can obtain these battery operated string lights from any local crafts store, walmart, target, etc. By bending the wire you can put a segment of the lights into each bottle and connecting them to one another. Once the lights are properly in each of the bottles, you can turn the lights on and see your finished product.

I recommend placing this display on a shelf in your home. Some ideas include a bar area, a man-cave, a young child's bedroom, etc.

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