Introduction: Spot Light Battery Box

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Hi guys back for my second (hopefully better than my first) instructable

while out hunting we like to do an occasional walk around now some times this is even at night. The problem at night is you need light right ? Well here's maybe a option you could go with.

Now you could use a torch but face it not all torches have the length of beam a spot light does. Yes we carry a spot light (due to you can use coloured lens that some animals don't notice) but the problem a spot light has, is it needs a battery source and unless you have the money to go spend and buy a brand new one with portable battery (unlike I did at the time) you look for a solution to get buy with.

Sorry for the inconvenience of no photos hopefully my photos and description I have will help enough thanks for the read up :)

Step 1: Items Needed

The items I used were

1x 1200mm Pine wood bought from hard ware shop (cheap, easy to work with if inexperienced like my self at wood work, can put a nice stain on, not fussed if damaged)

1x sheet of Sand paper various grits (to your happiness of finish)

1x PVA glue or adhesive or super glue

1x ruler or tape measure

1x pencil

1x cutting device (I used a table saw)

1x gun sling (or seat belt depends how you want it to look)

1x set of swivels for gun sling

1x battery from motorised scooter/ small one

1x pack of flat head screws

1x raw Lin sees oil

Step 2: Putting the Puzzle Together

So it was pretty basic. I measured the battery outside/ to the edges length width And height for my measurements. For the inside of my box.

Measured marked and cut the lengths adding 20 mm to either both side or both ends but only one of them as in both length or both widths to allow the ends of the peaces to but up this was my wood thickness to but up nice

Cut one length of the box length for the bottom plate and I had to not that you will cut 1/4 roughly of the other for the base as i didn't have one whole peace to fit

Squared and glued the peaces together or if know square just go around the box, being careful not to glue the battery to it.

Waited for it to dry the sand and Lin seed oiled it

And then because I thought the glue wouldn't be strong enough added some flat head nails


Marked and drilled the holes for the swivels they were smaller holes to be drilled as they screw in hard attached sling

Step 3: Done and Dusted

Nice quick easy in my opinion set up if your lacking on cash in total it cost me $10 for the items and a friend supplied me the battery what I think was around $40. Plus you have a home made item witch you can enjoy (I enjoy my DIY stuff just because it was me whom made it) thanks for the read guys