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Introduction: Spray Paint Holder

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I had a bunch of spray paint cans in drawer taking up space so I decided to make a holder from them that I could hang on the wall to save space and looks cool. I made it so that the shelves hold four spray cans each. You can make yours hold how ever many you want. The shelves are at an angle so they sit nicely for easy viewing. I spray painted my shelf because it made it look better and it is a spray paint can holder. I used nails to secure my holder. Wood glue would also be an option to surcure it. I used wood I had laying around the back was made out of plywood and the sides and shelves were made of pine. I used some of the paint I had to add some color to it after constructed.

can order spray paint n bulk

Step 1: Tools and Supplies



spray paint


sand paper

finishing sander

tape measure



ruler/ straight edge

Step 2: Make Frame

I found starting with the frame was the easiest way to go with strating. I started with the back piece. This was made out of plywood. I would recommend a better wood if you have it. I made this two feet tall to make it easy. Then I measured four paint cans leaving extra room for them to slide in and out. So this was a foot wide.

2 feet by 1 foot


Now cut the sides two pieces. These will be the same size.

Since I am gonna angle the shelf I cut the sides to be 2 feet tall by 1 foot wide as well. This was cut out of pine

I then nailed the two side pieces to the back plywood piece. You can use wood glue also to help it hold more. Using clamps helps. Otherwise if you can have someone else hold it while nailing. I used a small drill bit to pre drill holes for where the nail will be hammered so that it didn't split the wood.

Step 3: Make Shelfs

The shelve are the next step to make in the holder. These are all going to be the same size. Remember when you add the shelves they will be going in at an angle. I did not cut the back at an angle. You could and then it would be flush but since you can't see that I decided to go ahead and cut the shelves into squares. The Shelves will be the same width as the back pieces because they need to fit in between the side pieces flush. You don't want the shelves to stick out to far from the frame so I took a card board template and stuck that in there to figure out the length of each shelve.

Step 4: Nail and Paint

I decided to nail my spray paint can holder instead of glueing. You could glue and nail it if you wanted. Make sure when nailing you nail in the center of the boards so they don't split. I used screws to attach the frame to the wall. I use it to store gloves and sand paper to.

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