Introduction: Spray Can Nozzle-tube Holder(more Detachables)

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Feed up with spray can nozzle tubes going walkabout?
Here's more ways of holding them in place.(reverting back to my first 'ible using empty adhesive/sealant cartridges)
  other plastic cylinders should work  e.g. cut top & bottom off a plastic drinks bottle.
  Update: "No" for drinks bottles.   Plastic seems to be too thin.  -but don't let me stop you looking for a suitable one.

These are shown on 2+inch diameter cans, but will fit larger size.

empty adhesive/sealant cartridges

craft knife  (may be possible with scissors)
drill (for 2nd version)
cigarette lighter  (for 2nd version)

Step 1:

cut about 50mm (2inches) from the adhesive/sealant cartridge.
Keep the hand supporting the cartridge well away from direction of cutting knife throughout this instructable!

Step 2:

Make a spiral cut from end to end of the cylinder keeping a wide band in the middle.

Step 3:

Spread the spiral wide enough and fit it around the can.
Hold one end of the spiral against the can while opening the rest of it to bulge away from the can.
Fit the nozzle tube between can and spiral and let it close on the tube.


Step 4: Other Method

cut about 50mm (2inches) from the adhesive/sealant cartridge as with first method.
At a position where you want a tab to fold out  drill a hole small enough to hold the nozzle tube firmly. -best done before the tab shape is cut.
Drill an second hole at a corresponding position at the other end of the cylinder.

Step 5:

Cut tab shapes around the holes to be folded out. 
I retraced the first cut a number of times so as to not force my way through too quickly(but obviously still slipped a couple of times).
Take care!
A dremel type hobby tool may make a better cut?

Use some implement(knife, screwdriver) to slightly prise open the tab.
Hold the line to be bent above a cigarette lighter flame to enable easy  further bending of the tabs.

Opposite the bent out tabs cut the cylinder open to allow spreading to fit around the can.

Step 6:

Spread the plastic to fit the can.

Poke the nozzle tube through the holes.

ADDITION; Late realization.(but probably obvious to most) -don't bother with the tabs with holes. Just tuck the spray straw between the plastic and the can. -works, but not a secure as the above methods.