Introduction: Spring Centerpiece

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This beautiful spring centerpiece can be made for $5 or less and is sure to brighten up your mealtime!

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need the following

*a vase of your choice, preferably a short wide vase, mine was purchased on discount at the Salvation Army, but I have purchased others just like it at the Dollar Tree for $1

*Faux flowers of your choice. For this piece I purchased one stick of white lilies, one stick of orange/yellow glittery butterflies, and one stick of yellow glitter berries...all from the Dollar Tree $1 a piece, that's $3 each.

*Rocks, marbles, gems, sand,etc...anything you want to put inside the vase for added depth. I used half a bag of rocks (the other half is being used in a smaller version of this piece in my guest bath) that I purchased guessed it...the Dollar Tree $1.

*wire cutters or scissors that will cut through the stems of the faux flowers.

Step 2: Creating the Arrangement

First you are going to cut the faux flowers and any other additives down to size to fit properly in the vase you chose. I like the short bushy look of the arrangement, which is why I chose a short wide vase so the flowers can expand outwards rather than standing in a tall uniform order.

Then you are going to simply pour in your vase filler as full as you think looks right t your tastes.

Add your faux flowers.

You could also tie a ribbon bow around the top of the vase or use a hot glue gun and add it to the center of the vase for added cuteness.

If you want to use fresh flowers just add water to the vase after adding your rocks/gems (not recommended with sand)

Voila! You now have a beautiful spring centerpiece that will brighten up your home for $5...