Introduction: Spring Flower Nail Art

This Spring Flower Nail Art is perfect for Spring, Summer and even Easter!
Also, this is very simple to create.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Things you will need:

-Nail Polish
-Base and Top Coat
-Dotting Tool
-Angled Brush
-Nail Polish Remover
-A piece of cardboard

Step 2: Base Coat

The first thing you will need to do is apply the base coat on your nails.
Using a base coat helps prevent staining your nails.
Apply the base coat to all your nails and let completely dry.

Step 3: Pink Nail Polish

Now once your base coat has completely dried, it's time for the pink nail polish!
Apply the pink nail polish carefully to all your nails.

Let completely dry before applying a second coat of polish.

Let second coat completely dry.

Step 4: Making the Flowers and Finishing

Now it's time to create the flowers! I did the flowers on my thumb, and ring finger.
Pour a little blob of white nail polish on your piece of cardboard, and dip your dotting tool into the white nail polish.
Create 5 dots on your nail in a circle. Those will be the flower petals.
While they are still wet use the toothpick to go in the middle of the white dot and drag it to the center of all the dots.
Pour another little blob on your piece of cardboard, this time yellow. Make one circle in the middle of your flower petals on your nail with the yellow using your dotting tool. Lastly pour out one last blob on your cardboard, a green one. Make little leaves on your nail around the flower with your toothpick and green polish.

Do that on your thumb and ring finger on both hands.
Dip the angled brush into nail polish remover to clean up around your nails.
Let dry, add your top coat and enjoy!
Happy Spring!

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