Introduction: Spring Jewelry Design-How to Make a Beaded Yellow Flower Bracelet

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Here is a good idea of flower bracelet pattern. It is quite suitable for wearing on spring day. No complicated beading skills, everyone can make this yellow flower bracelet. All you need is to prepare these materials including 6mm yellow acrylic beads, 8mm green acrylic beads, tiger tail and toggle clasp. It is pretty suitable for young girls. If you like this flower bracelet pattern, just follow me to learn how to make a beaded flower bracelet now.

Step 1: Materials on How to Make a Beaded Flower Bracelet

6mm yellow acrylic beads

8mm green acrylic beads

Crimp beads

Tiger tail

Toggle clasp

Wire cutting plier

Flat plier

Step 2: Make Basic Flower Bracelet Pattern

1st, prepare a 60cm tiger tail, fasten the wire to the toggle clasp with a crimp bead, thread 8 yellow beads to wire, thread the wire back to the first bead to make a loop, add a green bead to wire, thread the wire to the 6th yellow bead and tighten the wires;

Step 3:

2nd, add 2 yellow beads, thread the wire back through the 5th and 6th yellow bead on the first beads loop, then thread the wire to the newly 2 yellow beads, add 6 yellow beads, thread the wire to the 1st yellow bead to make the second beads loop, thread the wire to the 6th yellow bead on the second beads loop; the basic flower bracelet pattern is done;

Step 4: Finish Yellow Flower Bracelet

1st, continue this pattern until reach ideal length, here I use 10 green beads, then thread a crimp bead and the other part of toggle clasp to wire, thread the wire back to the crimp bead and tighten, pinch the crimp bead and cut down extra wires;

Step 5:

2nd, connect the yellow flower bracelet;

Step 6: The Final Look of Yellow Flower Bracelet Pattern:

Ok, these are the details on how to make a beaded flower bracelet. Beautiful but so easy yellow flower bracelet. You can also change beads, such as red and green pearl beads. Just take a try, you will obtain different surprise on making flower bracelet pattern.