Spring Rolls ( Chicken)

Introduction: Spring Rolls ( Chicken)

I usually make these rolls and freeze it . It tastes lovely and a great snack. Also its a good party side dish.

Do give a try . Eat n Enjoy.

Watch the video for better understanding....

Step 1: Ingredients


1. Cabbage

2. Boiled and shredded chicken

3. Carrots Julian cut

4. Bell pepper Julian cut

5. Chicken stock cubes( maggie cubes)

6. Soya sauce

7. Salt

8. Black pepper powder

9. Spring onions


11. Plain flour ( for sticking the spring roll strips)

12. Spring roll sheets

13. Water ( used with flour)

Step 2: Method


Add Oil in a deep pan and add in the onions first and let it cook for a little while.

Then add the rest of the Julian cut veggies and chicken .

Now add the Soya Sauce,Chicken Stock Cubes(Maggie Cubes), Salt and Pepper. Lid it and let it cook for 10-15 on medium -low flame.

Till then prepare the sticking agent that is add flour in water and boil it that will be like a paste which will act as a glue to stick the rolls.

Now , take your roll sheets and add a tbsp of cooked veggies. And roll it (as shown in the video).

Deep fry the rolls and serve with tomato sauce. Eat n Enjoy.

Step 3:

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