Introduction: Spring Scarf From Old T-shirts

Here in the Dirty South, we've been having some unseasonably warm weather, but the nights are still pretty cool. It's that in-between time when you want a scarf, but not a heavy one. So, after being just slightly too cold on my dog walk this morning, I decided to make myself a medium weight scarf out of some old graphic tees I had laying around. The result turned out to be the perfect weight and I dig the way it looks. This tutorial originally appeared on my crafting blog:

Step 1: Step One

Select two old t-shirts.

Step 2: Step Two

Cut the T-shirts into strips. I made mine 8" wide, but you can use any width you want. Also, I cut my strips horizontally to highlight the t-shirt's designs, but cutting vertically will work just as well.

Step 3: Step Three

Step Three - Select two strips to begin with and pin them right side together on one of the short sides.

Step 4: Step Four

Sew along the side you pinned.

Step 5: Step Five

Keep repeating this process until you have two pieces that are the length that you want the scarf to be when it is finished.

Step 6: Step Six

With right sides facing each other, pin the long sides of the two pieces together and sew, making sure to leave the ends open.

Step 7: Step Seven

Turn the scarf right side out and stitch the ends closed about two inches from the bottom. In this photo, my pieces are two different lengths. I cut the green piece to even them up after I sewed the end shut. No worries!

Step 8: Step Eight

Make fringe at the end simply by cutting slits with your scissors.

Step 9: Step Nine

Wear and enjoy. Original tutorial appears on my blog