Spring Wreath DIY

Introduction: Spring Wreath DIY

I will admit, I’ve been pinning pom pom crafts for a while now. However, I’ve never sat down to make one. Something about the holiday season made me feel crafty. Or, it was my home looking positively naked after I put away my decorations
I had a false start when I ordered the wrong type of yarn on the first go round. However, my second set of supplies was perfect.

I ordered four skeins of chunky yarn by Bernat. I got it on Amazon and picked four colors I love; cream, grey, navy and teal. I’m a nautical girl at heart! I bought a 12 inch wreath ring (also from Amazon). I grabbed a serving fork (this will make sense soon) and my scissors. If you don’t have a serving fork or want to use one, you can use your fingers. I’ll show you how soon. The next step is to take the wrappers of the yarn and pick one color to start with. You can work with more than one at a time, but let’s call that advanced pom pom making. Start with one end of the yarn and just wrap it around your hand or the serving fork. I wrapped each pom pom about 30 times. Wrap the yarn around your hand about 30 times

Slide it off your hand or the fork next. Cut another piece of yarn, about six inches in length and wrap it around the yarn. Tie it twice and tight! Now, you have the looped yarn, divided down the center with the string you just tied. Tie another piece of string around the loops

Slide your scissors into the loops and cut them in half. This will create your pom pom. Fluff the pom pom up with your fingers and trim any uneven spots with scissors. Cut the loops with scissors

The easiest part, and the most fun, is attaching them to your wreath form. I played with the pom poms to make sure I had the colors disbursed evenly and even made some more pom poms to fill out spots that I thought needed a little more fun. Start tying the completed pom poms onto the wreath form

I’ll hang this wreath on a door in my office area and it’s just the right colors for spring and summer! Super easy to make, inexpensive and fun!

Have a pom pom or wreath craft you’d like to share? Comment below!

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