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Introduction: Spring Easter Wreath Nest With Silver Eggs

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Hello everybody,

I will show you how to make a rather simple but elegant spring wreath. It is a rather fast project, which is a great one to do with kids. You can also convince your dog to help pick out the best branches and twigs!

It is also rather cheap, but it will look great on your door or window. It will definitely spruce up your decor, just in time for spring!


- Easter eggs. The number is up to you, I ended up using 7. If you have some from previous egg hunts, it would be a great way to up-cycle them.

- branches. This should be an assortment of fresh and dry ones, thick and thin. Length of each should be about a foot.

- aluminium/tin foil. I needed about 2 feet, but it could have been less.

- wire for the frame, about 5 feet. You can use an old clothes hanger!

- superglue

- school glue and paint brush

- moss with some soil. You can gather some in a park or in your backyard.

- black acrylic paint

- a rope or a ribbon to hang the wreath on

Step 1: Step 1: Cover the Eggs With Foil

In preparation, tear up pieces of foil and put some glue on a piece of paper. Cover one side of foil with flue and attach to the egg. Place your finger on top of the foil, then attach the rest of the foil to the surface of the egg. There will be some wrinkles, but don't worry!

Take another piece of foil and repeat. Make sure the two pieces of foil overlap. Repeat until whole egg is covered. Again, it will be wrinkly, and it will likely not look good, but do not get discouraged!

Repeat with the rest of the eggs. Let them dry overnight.

Step 2: Step 2: Turn Your Eggs Into Antiques

Before you start with painting, use a pen or a pencil to smooth the surface of eggs a bit. They will have wrinkles, but they should not be very big or poke out too much from the surface of the egg. Repeat for all eggs.

Before you start with painting, cover your work surface with rags or newspapers. It can get messy!

Take one egg and cover it with a thin layer of black acrylic paint. Then take a paper towel and wipe the paint off. Some paint should be trapped in the wrinkles, this will make the eggs look antique-y. You can let the eggs dry fully now.

Step 3: Step 3: Make the Wreath

Start by making a wire frame for your wreath. You can use an old clothes hanger! The frame does not need to be very rigid or perfectly circular. It should just be able to keep its shape.

Start with a few fresh branches and wrap them into the frame. Continue by alternating fresh and dry, thick and thin branches. As you can see from the images, the wreath will not look too good in the beginning... But don't get discouraged! It will get better, just keep on it! Continue until you have reached a desired thickness.

Make sure to tuck the branches in so they are properly attached to the rest of the wreath. You will quickly see that no glue or thread is required, it is pretty cool!

Step 4: Step 4: Add Moss Into the Wreath

Start with the front of the wreath and place moss into the wreath. Tuck some under branches so that it does not fall out. If your moss has soil, great! If not, you can place some under the moss. Continue until you are happy with the moss coverage.

Flip the wreath over. Now it's time to fill the space under the moss and between the branches. You can use soil, smaller branches and twigs, shredded paper or wood filings. Basically this is done so that your moss can continue to live and thrive.

You can now attach a rope or ribbon to hang your wreath on. I have selected a green string, so it kept it rather simple.

Step 5: Step 5: Placing the Eggs

It is easier if the wreath is hanging in this step.

Take your eggs and place them on the bottom part of the wreath, tuck in-between branches when possible and secure with superglue.

I ended up using only 7 out of the 12 eggs I made. I guess I will have to come up with something else to make with the rest of them!

When choosing how many eggs to use, make it fun! Have it be your favourite number, the number of your closest friends or relatives, or the optimal number of gin&tonics in your week. I'll let you decide ;)

Step 6: Step 6: You Are Done!

Your wreath is now ready! If you want the moss to stay alive, don't forget to spray it with water once a month or so. If not, no worries, it will still be pretty when it is dry.

Now you can pick a spot to hang the wreath and wait for the spring to come. I know I am!

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