Introduction: Sprinkler Head Geocache

This is my absolute FAVORITE geocache! What i like about this geocache the most is that People see irrigation heads(Sprinkler heads) absolutely everywhere such as sport fields, lawns, gardens etc. Thats what makes this geocache so perfect! Its made of something people have noticed but have never took into consideration like "Huh, I wonder if thats a geocache?".

Step 1: Finding a Sprinkler Head

Before we make the geocache we need one thing. A sprinkler head. To get one of these all you have to do is go into any irrigation, construction or supply store such as, Rona, Andrew Sheret Ltd, Home Depot etc. And buy the cheapest one.

P.S i got mine from a garbage can.

Step 2: Dismantling Your Sprinkler Head

Dismantling the sprinkler head is pretty easy.

Step 1

First unscrew or take of the top piece(mine is blue but they range from orange to grey). Once that is done unscrew the top, be aware that it will shoot out a big spring. Now get rid of the spring because we are not going to use it.

Step 3: Building the Geocache

Now take the piece you pulled out of the center and put a rolled up piece of lined paper and a pen inside it. Once you've done that cover up the bottom of the center piece with duct tape so minimal to no water can get in. (making sure the wide bottom goes in first) Take the center piece and put it back in, screw on the black lid and then screw in the blue lid.

Step 4: Making Directions

To make this a little easier i've made directions. Take the tape and stick it to the outside of the irrigation head write on it what ever you want, but i wrote "pull blue cap". Now tape the shaft connected to the blue cap and i wrote on it "Unscrew me" with an arrow pointing to the lid. Now write "Found Me!" on the back of the paper.

Step 5: Placing the Geocache

Now for the fun part... Placing the geocache!

Place it where ever you want but all i did was dig a small hole in a city park garden and filled in the sides.

Happy Geocaching!

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