Sprouts Salad.




Introduction: Sprouts Salad.

Healthy, Nutritious & Quick n easy to make !!

Sprouts come in all shapes and sizes. Add some Leafy Sprouts or Bean Sprouts or Greens - or even Grain Sprouts to a salad of garden vegetables - OR better yet - use nothing but sprouts and toss with a little oil and vinegar or your favorite dressing.

Step 1: Ingredients !

1)  Mixed Sprouts : Small Bowl.
2) Onion                : 1 nos. Small
3) Tomato             : 1 nos. Small
4) Bell Pepper     : 1/2
5) Beetroot           : 1/2 small ( optional; i have not added it)
6) Salt & pepper to taste
7)) few drops of lemon

Step 2: Preparation.

Soak a bowl of sprouts overnight or at least for 6 hrs.

Drain the water & keep it aside for another 6 hrs. The beans will sprout.

Steam the sprouts next. Beetroot can be added at this step in your pressure cooker. Both get cooked at the same time.

Once this is done, Drain the excess water n start preparing the salad.

Step 3: Start Chopping.

Get your knife n chopping board and cut all the ingredients into small pieces.

Step 4: Mix It All Up.

In a mixing bowl, add all the chopped ingredients and the sprouts.

Add salt, pepper & few drops of lemon.

Mix it up nice, garnish it your way & serve.

Do let me know how it tastes.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    :) Thanks. It does taste good. Do try !