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Introduction: Spudinator: a Syringe Potato Gun

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Hello readers in this instructable I shall show you how to make a mini potato gun out of a syringe and two pens. It does not require much to build and uses compressed air rather than a combustion chamber to shoot a small spud at low power. Parts: -syringe any size (I prefer the bigger ones and remove the needle) -Bic round stic x2 Tools: -hot glue gun -scissors Optional: -m&m's container or any other small close-able jar Disclaimer: check my profile and eventually you will find it (I'm lazy). This is just my mods really I have just realized that stuntkid223 and Kiteman already made it XD. so maybe this is version 3.0? I have entered this in the green challenge because it reuses old single use syringes and old pens.

Step 1: Barrel

Very well you have decided to make the mini potato gun. First of all you will have to remove the ink cartridge from a Bic pen, simple enough. then cut the back off so that the pen looks like the one in the picture.

Step 2: Ammo Tool

For this you will take a Bic pen and do the same thing you did for the barrel but a bit shorter so you can use the scraps of this pen to make the little sight on the end of the barrel. Use scissors to sharpen one end.

Step 3: Assembly

Glue the barrel onto the syringe then glue the sight on to the end of the barrel use the picture for reference.

Step 4: Ammo: Making and Loading

To make the push the sharpened end of the ammo tool around half a centimetre into a potato then briskly pull the pen down to break off a piece of spud. Blow through the opposite end and your spud will pop out. To shoot the spudinator pull back on the syringe like you would to suck up water, antibiotics, steroids etc. push the spud down the barrel then push the pump forward.

Step 5: Optional Ammo Holder

You could glue an m&m's tube on the syringe and pack it with ammo so you can easily access your spuds.

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