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Introduction: Spy ‘bug’ Camera Prop

This is a little thing made to mimic the electronic surveillance devices used in spy movies everywhere. It does not function as a camera, but works outstandingly well as a joke.This is a little bit of a prop and a little bit of a prank. You can place it in someone’s house in a place where it would be easily discovered, and wait for them to freak out, or you could use it as a prop in a video or costume. It’s cheap (mine was free) and takes almost no time (about 5 minutes) and can be made from any random electronics (I used an old phone). Best of all, you can make an entire fleet of them and deploy them everywhere, wreaking havoc and paranoia. This is my first instructable, please try to bear with me.


Small camera (or something that looks like a small camera)
Circuit board (from anything electronic)
Electronic doodads (again, from anything)
A wire (for the ‘antenna’)
Super glue (I used gorilla glue, but anything should work)

Unfortunately, I lost all the pictures of the parts before they were assembled. Sorry.

Step 1: Attaching the Antenna Wire

Find a place on the circuit board to glue or solder your antenna wire. It should be a place that will be covered by the camera, so only the wire protrudes out. I also trimmed the wire slightly.

Step 2: Attaching Other Electronic Thingies

Attach your other odds and ends near the antenna so that they seem to connect to the camera. Also, use pieces that might have a purpose (I used a little connector that could be used for charging or data downloads). Even though this is not a functioning bug, we want it to seem realistic.

Step 3: Attaching the Camera

Make a sandwich with the circuit board and camera as the bread, and the electronic bits as the filler. We want the camera to cover up where the electronic odds and ends are glued on so that everything seems connected.

Step 4: All Done!

Congrats, you now have a weapon of mass destruction. Keep in mind, this is how I chose to design mine, but there are infinite ways in how these things can be shaped and assembled. Hide it somewhere you know your victim will find it, and try to be with them when they do. Make a few, because some will likely be demolished by your understandably ticked victim. Luckily, they’re cheap and easy to make. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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