Introduction: Spy Ipod Earphones With Hidden Microphone

About: Electronic Engineering student

Hi this is my first instructables it's a very simple one that you can make very easily and that you can use to spy conversations and no one will know how you do it!! PS sorry for my probably wrong english hope you enjoy my idea!!

Step 1:

I used for this instructables two classic ipod earphones that did not work any more

Step 2:

Take apart one of the earphones with a small screwdriver and be carefully not to brake them

Step 3:

The next step is to dissolder the two cables from the earphone

Step 4:

Remove the earphone from the outside plastic

Step 5:

and replace it with a micro microphone. I took the microphone from an old computer

Step 6:

Solder the spy microphone to the two cables

Step 7:

and place it inside the earphones

Step 8:

Finally close the earphone

Step 9:

To make the spy microphone work, you have to dissolder the other earphone too.. but leave the earphone inside so that it has the same weight as a normal one just dissolder the two cables so that it just doesn't work anymore as earphone: you have to do this to let the spy microphone in the other earphone work!

Step 10:

Close all the casing and here it is your spy microphone! it works very well too if you leave the fake earphone in one of your ears as you were listening to music while you are speaking with someone! HAVE FUN AND THANKS FOR WATCHING.