Introduction: Spyder Altezza Tail Light

Wiring aftermarket Spyder taillights with side leds

Tools needed:

Solder gun



wire strippers

heat shrink tube

Flat head screw driver

Step 1: Cutting the Wires

Locate the top and bottom of the tail light and feed the led that is higher through the wire sleeve. On the break light socket there are three wires. Cut the green wire (minor) which is used for parking lights and cut the black (ground) wire. Try to cut the wires in a location that won't have stress and in a spot that the sleeve will be able to cover when your done.

Step 2: Splicing the Wires

I took the socket out of the housing to make this easier. Slide a piece of heat shrink tube over one of the black wires from a led and over the black wire you cut from the light socket. Slide another piece over a white wire from the same led and over the green wire you cut from the light socket. This is easy to forget so I recommend doing it right away. Next strip back the wire insulation and twist wires together.

Step 3: Solder and Heat Shrink

Next solder the wires together. I used a gas solder, well worth its weight in gold. Slide the heat shrink over the connections and apply heat. I used the side of the solder gun, but a lighter would work (may burn heat shrink)

Step 4: Final Touches

Pull the socket out and make sure the led are pushed tightly into place. I used a flat head screw driver to snug the socket up against the housing. I also added a video on youtube that gives a quick walk through