Introduction: Square Redwood Picknick Table

You'll be the coolest kid in school with this mean hunk of wood.

Wood cost: $430

Estimated total project cost: $488

Step 1: Tools & Materials:

Tools Used:

-Chop Saw

-Skill Saw

-Hand drill (cordless and corded)


-Speed Square

-Measuring Equipment (such as measuring tape)

-Hand Saw

-Power Sanders

-Sanding Wheel

-Metal Saw


-Socket Wrench

-Blow Torch*



*Were used to flatten L plates. Alternately, the correct plates could be purchased.


- 10 carriage bolts

- 8 L plates

- decking screws

- 20 5’½” 2”x6”s redwood (cut from 12 foot boards)

- Teak Oil

- 4 17” 4x4 redwood posts

-10’x2”x4” redwood

Step 2: Procedures:


1. Selected and cut wood to size.

Table top:
20 x 2.5ft 2x6, table top total of 25ft sq

2 x 5ft 2x4, 2x 4ft, 10.5in 2x4, 1 x 4ft, 9in 2x4, 2x 2ft 3.5in 2x4

3x4ft 6in 2x4 per bench (12x total)

Vary depending on intended table height

2. Sanded 2”x6” for the table top.

3. Created a frame out of 2”x4”.

4. Attached 20 2”x6” to create the table top.

5. Drilled a ½ inch hole through each of four 50” main supports.

6. Bolted each pair of supports together.

7. Drilled supports into the table top with additional supports.

8. Sanded, cut, and stained bench pieces and stained the rest of the table.

9. Attached bench supports with 2 6”x6” diamond shaped pieces of wood to even out the supports.

10. Attached twelve (6 54” and 6 60”) bench pieces.

11. Added extra supports and four posts (2 4x4 posts supporting both weak sides).