Square Wheels Drum Throne



Introduction: Square Wheels Drum Throne

I was in this one band (oh no! here he goes...) and the drummer had "marginal" hardware. Best Drummer Ever though. Well, he had been experimenting with "alternative" thrones, and he'd found one that was the right height, and comfortable, an old office chair. The problem was, it was on four hard rubber wheels and rolled quite too easily. Not good for drumming. He really needed a throne and this was the closest thing. He approached me about removing the wheels. I told him I had a Better Idea. I took the chair and retreated to my workshop. 20 minutes with a grinder reduced all four formerly round wheels into four neat rubber squares. They still spun when you held the chair up, but when on the floor, with someone seated on it, it stuck like it had feet.
Unfortunately, this item has since disappeared, it's current whereabouts unknown. It was replaced by a smexy new Tama throne, and probably ended up in the rubbish heap, so the best I can do is share the story.

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