Introduction: SquareC1

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Along with triangleC1 this is another self replicating art object. The thing should have a link on it back to here to make it. It's a square 3 inches on a side, divided into 4 triangles of equal size all 1.5 inches on a side, colored in for clear and easy use in geometry projects.

Step 1: Draw Line and Mark 3 Inches on It

As with triangleC1 I just draw a line over 6 inches long with the ruler, and mark off two 3 inch segments on it.

Step 2: Draw Out 3 Inch Arcs From All Three Points

Use compass to draw out 3 inch circles around the three points marked in the previous step. Also swing arcs as needed to construct three perpendicular lines from the three points upward on the page.

Step 3: Swing All 3 Inch and 1.5 Inch Circles

Go nuts with circles of the proper radii, swing them out everywhere until all vertices exist for the small squares as well as big squares, then draw all the lines, so there are 8 small squares.

Step 4: Label With Your Branding, Links to Here, and Color in With Crayon

I use blue and purple, it's part of my personal color code for square stuff.

Step 5: Cut, Trace on Cardboard, Past to Both Sides of Cardboard

I'm using terse descriptions here but see the photos for instructions: trace the square on cardboard, cut it out, paste one square to each side, trim the edges, and you have a square ready for ACTION GEOMETRY!