Introduction: Squeaky the Turtle

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The shell of the turtle is crocheted in a round. SC, 2 SC in every other stitch for the first couple of rows. Once I have it the size of a large coaster or slightly larger I only SC in every stitch. I use a pattern similar to that of a newborn baby hat. When you are satisfied with the height begin 2 SC in each stitch around for 1-2 rows then 1 SC, 2 SC repeat for 1-2 rows this will make the brim of the shell.

If you stop here you will have an infant sun hat.

The Head is done much like the shell; start in a round increasing in every stitch 2sc in each stitch. Once it becomes the size of a quarter or half dollar, depending on how big your turtle will be, begin to decrease in every other stitch. Once the opening is the width of your thumb or 1/2 inch wide stick a squeaker inside or stuff with fiber filling. Complete by SC in each stitch to create a small neck.

Feet and Tail
Also similar to the shell and head, start with a chain of about 6-8 then down one side and back the other to create a round/oval. SC in each stitch until the foot or tail is an inch and a half long.

Now that all your pieces have been created its time to put them together. Begin at the inside portion of the brim- the row you started to 2 SC in each stitch. Connect your pieces, stitch the head and tail directly across from each other and count the stitches between. Place the feet 2 on each side evenly spaced. Connect yarn and stitch SC all the way around going through the edge of head, feet and tail. 2 row decrease in every other stitch 3 row SC in each stitch. Repeat 2 and 3 until the hole is 2-3 inches round. Stuff the inside with filling and SC decrease every stitch until hole can be closed.