Introduction: Squeezebox Duet Aerial Upgrade

After having lots of trouble with my squeezebox duet not holding signal and the sound stopping and started I decided to upgrade the aerials after seeing a picture of someone else doing this, although I didnt know how they did it.

My duet is housed in my roof space to give music to my bathroom and the wifi isnt great up there, it also doesnt help that the roofspace is insulated with aluminium foil!

Parts needed:
2 x U.FL to ReSMA Chassis Socket pig tails - @ £2.78
2 x TP Link 2.4GHz 8dBi Indoor Omni Antenna - @ £6.60
Total cost = £18.76 + shipping

Step 1: Open the Box Up

Under the rubber pad at the bottom you'll find 4 x torx screws, remove these

Step 2: Remove Existing Aerials

Gently lift up the wires connecting to the wireless board
Prise up the aerials gently and remove

Its a wonder that this manages to get any signal, these things are useless!

Step 3: Drill

Drill two holes (do a small pilot first) for the new fittings

I did mine at the front so there was space in side, the downside was that I forgot the screws at the front went there, so I removed the posts that used to be held by the screws and now have only 2 screws insead of 4, it feels solid enough

Step 4: Attach New Aerial Pig Tails

Clip wires onto wireless board
Screw the SMA nuts through the chassis, if you've a friction stop ring put this on the inside and the bolt on the outside

Then screw it back together

Step 5: Attach Aerials

Voila - FrankenDuet!

Enjoy way better wireless :)