Squirrel Table From 1in X 4in X 4ft



Introduction: Squirrel Table From 1in X 4in X 4ft

Squirrel feeding table


Tool List

  1. Wood Glue
  2. 1 in brad nails and gun
  3. miter saw
  4. 1 3in screw and bit for pre drilling
  5. 1 1in x 4in x 4ft treated lumber

Step 1: Cut Pieces to Length

Cut list

  1. 3Qty 10in length
  2. 2Qty 5in length

Step 2: Cut to Uniform Width

Using a stop block setup your miter saw to make 1 1/8 in wide cuts and make two cuts lengthwise on each 5in and 10 in board. This will result in 3 equal size pieces from each board.

Step 3: Cut Down Table Supports and Seat Tops

take 4 of the 10in boards and 2 of the 5in boards and cut 1in off their length. The now 9in boards are the seat tops and the now 4in boards are the table supports. Measure and mark the center of all these boards for easy assembly later.

Step 4: Cut Angles on Legs

The last four 5in pieces are the legs. Set your miter saw to 22.5 degrees and cut the angle on both ends parallel to each other (use a stop block to maintain uniform length)

Step 5: Assemble the Legs

Clamp a straight edge to your work bench and lay 2 legs down against it. Use one of the seat tops as a spacer to put your seat supports at a good height. Place your table support flush with to top of your legs. Line up your center mark on both boards where the 2 lags meet and glue and nail into place. repeat the same process with the other set of legs

Step 6: Attach Seat Tops

With the legs pointing outwards use two of your seat tops under the legs to stand them up in place. Fasten the other two seat tops with a slight over hang past the outside of the legs and start flush with the seat support ends and space the 2nd board evenly.

Step 7: Attach Table Top

Evenly space out your three table top boards and glue and nail to the table supports and legs keeping a even overhang on both sides.

Step 8: Install Corn Screw

Pre drill a hole in the center of your table top and install a 3in screw pointed upwards through the table to hold your corn feed. All Done!

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