Introduction: Squishy Circuit Craft

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This is a fun electronics craft that can be done at home. Ages 5-12, but must be supervised by an adult.

The list of materials are:

  1. Squishy dough made following this recipe:

  2. 10inch x 5inch piece of cardboard
  3. 2 x LEDs
  4. 3 x AA batteries
  5. Conductive duct tape used for air ducts
  6. 3 x rubber bands

The list of tools are:

  1. Scissors to cut the duct tape
  2. Knife to cut the cardboard
  3. Voltmeter (optional)

Warning the cardboard needs to be cut with a knife, this should be done by the supervising adult.

Step 1: Cardboard

Cut a piece of cardboard about 10 inches x 5 inches.

Step 2: Cut Strips of Conductive Tape

Using the scissors cut 2 strips about 1/2 an inch wide by 2 feet long

Step 3: Draw Outline of AAs

Trace the outline of 2 AAs on your board on the left side.

Step 4: Cut Flaps for AAs

Adult: Using the knife, cut 2 flaps for each AA. These flaps will be used to connect to the battery.

Step 5: OUCH!

Warning: Be extra special careful with the knife as the cardboard can give way when you least expect it.

Step 6: Apply the Tape

Place the strip of tape on the inside of the flap so that the conductive side will connect with the batter. Do not cut the tape when you turn a corner, fold it back, and then over on itself at a 45 degree angle. This will maintain electrical continuity.

Step 7: Add a Third Battery Holder

2 x AAs is not quite enough power when you add in the resistance provided by the squishy dough.

Cut a piece of tape about 1 foot long with a large ending square.

Step 8: Apply the Tape

Apply the tape for the 3rd AA and turn it again.

Step 9: Add Batteries and Test

Place your batteries in series with the positive of one battery connected to the negative of the next battery.

Wrap a rubber band twice around each battery.

Using a voltmeter, measure the voltage of your circuit. It should be (depending on the power of your AAs) around 4.5 V.

Step 10: Test Polarity of an LED

Add the squishy dough to bridge the gap in the circuit.

Place your LED in the circuit and make sure it lights before we connect it permanently.

Step 11: Tape in the LED

This step will permanently place the LED on your circuit board. Since the squishy dough is bridging the gap, the LED should light.

Step 12: Add a Second LED

Its nice to have 2 in case your squishy dough monster needs eyes

Step 13: The End

Now create an animal out of squishy dough and place it on the gap, your LEDs should light up!