St. Patty's Day No-Sew Sock Gnome




Introduction: St. Patty's Day No-Sew Sock Gnome

There are many variations on sock gnomes being made by crafters this year. This is my take on a gnome that got into the St. Patrick's Day spirit.

I found the supplies for this gnome at my local Dollar Tree store, so I can make 4 of them for under $6.


You will need:

  • One pair of women's low cut fuzzy socks. - I was lucky enough to find a pair that had a leprechaun outfit on it. If you can only find green, you may want to make a belt from a black ribbon and some yellow duct tape.
  • One pair of green women's knee high socks
  • One package of Scrub Buddies dusters
  • Four Green heart shaped jewels
  • 1/2 half cup of Plastic stuffing pellets or dry rice
  • small bit of polyester stuffing
  • One small plastic pot
  • Some plastic gold coins (or chocolate gold coins)
  • One pair of fabric scissors
  • One hot glue gun with hot glue sticks OR E6000 glue

Step 1: Stuff the Base

Put the 1/2 cup of plastic pellets or dried rice in the bottom of the low cut sock. This will help it stand up.

Then fill the rest of the sock with polyester stuffing. The body should be able to stand upright without support. If it falls over, add more pellets or rice to the bottom. If the body droops or sags, add more stuffing.

Step 2: Cut the Knee High Sock

First, cut the knee high sock straight across starting at the bottom of the heel.

Second, cut straight across starting at the top of the heel.

After those cuts, you will have a wedge piece that is the heel of the sock. Cut the narrow part opposite the heel off of that piece. You will have a piece that naturally forms a small pocket. We will stuff this piece for his nose. Save the top of the sock for a future project.

Step 3: Stuff the Nose

Take the heel of the sock you trimmed in the previous step and put a small ball of stuffing in it.

Using a hot glue gun, or E6000 glue, glue the cut edges of the piece to the center of the opening. This step is the most difficult part of this project. If it's too hard, you can use a wooden bead, a Styrofoam ball, or any round object you have in your crafting supplies.

Set the nose aside

Step 4: Create a Jeweled Four Leaf Clover Charm

Glue four green heart-shaped jewels to one of the gold coins with the points of the hearts touching in the middle. See how it looks like a four-leafed clover? This will be a charm for his hat.

Set the completed charm aside.

Step 5: Create the Pot of Gold

Fill the pot with stuffing.

Glue the gold coins into the pot. - Or, fill the pot with chocolate coins to enjoy later

Step 6: Glue in the Beard

I usually apply the beard horizontally when I make a gnome, but I wanted to make sure the beard didn't cover the belt on this one. So, the beard is tucked into his hat. If you wanted the hat to be floppier, you could trim the beard.

Place the finished edge of the duster just above the belt on the base. The unfinished edge of the duster will extend above the top of the base. Make sure the beard is centered over the belt buckle decoration on the sock.

Glue the beard to the base.

Stretch the foot of the knee high sock that we cut earlier over the base with the beard to create his hat. The cut edge of the sock will roll up and create an edge for the hat. Glue the hat over the beard all the way around the base of the hat.

Step 7: Add the Finishing Touches

See the picture for placement details. Glue the nose in the center of the beard just below the hat. Glue the charm to the hat. Glue the pot of gold to his side.

Enjoy displaying this fun gnome or give him as a whimsical St. Patrick's Day gift

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    11 hours ago

    Very cute! I hope the gnome has a lovely name :)