Introduction: "Poor Man's" SmartPhone Tripod (From Vitamin Container)

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The tools you'll need:

1. Hot Glue Gun

2. Any Kind of Knife

3. Hack Saw

4. Wire

The components you'll need:

1. A Strong Box (preferably plastic)

2. A Wide Bottom to Keep the Box From Falling (I used a part from a fan motor I took apart), And Yes This Is Optional If Your Box Keeps Falling...

Step 1:

Hot Glue the Lid Firmly to the Box (Make Sure it Won't Melt!!!)

Step 2:

Trace the Width of Your Phone on the Plastic

Step 3: Cut/Saw It

Step 4:


I'm New To Instructables, So, Please Give Me Some Tips:)

Also, I Couldn't Paste My Pictures After the Text, I'll be Happy If Someone Could Explain it

If you want to see more of these kinds of projects make sure to check out my instructables page and subscribe :)

EDIT: I've understood how to make a step by step tutorial and I will make a tutorial soon!

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