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Introduction: Stack of Macarons Costume -- Easy Sewing

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No tricks, just treats with this simply sweet macaron costume, from a novice sewer. Inspired by none other than the house of macarons, Laduree.

Ok, well, just one really easy trick. We know the biggest challenge in making any macaron (whether baked or sewn) is the macaron's feet and this simple tutorial will show you how to achieve macarons with the perfect "raised" feet.

You will need:

1/2 yard of arctic fleece

2-inch strip of jersey knit

Coordinating thread

Pillow filling

Step 1: "Feet & Filling" Panel

Sew together the jersey knit and each "foot", making sure the jersey knit is sewn on along the centerline of each foot strip on the wrong side of the fleece (if your fleece is double-sided).

The top picture shows the feet and filling as seen on the right side of the fleece.

The bottom picture shows the feet and filling fanned out, to illustrate where the jersey knit was sewn along each foot strip (along the centerline).

Step 2: Feet Details

To add some texture to the feet, I created random wavy lines on the wrong side of the fleece of the macaron feet. To do this, you must place the "feet & filling" panel right side up, then lift the fold away from the machine's presser foot. The wrong side of the fleece should be under the presser foot, as shown in the top right picture. I made two passes of wavy lines on each foot (I wish I had made at least one more). Then I trimmed the panel so the fleece is even on both sides.

Step 3: Connect All Panels

Sew the top and bottom panels of the macaron to the feet & filling panel, all the wrong side up.

Choose whether this is a macaron at the end or the center.

If it is a macaron at the end: sew the back panel to only one side (top or bottom) of the macaron while the macaron is still inside-out. Then invert the macaron right-side-out, and sew the back panel shut to the remaining side (top or bottom). This will make one side of the macaron have an outside seam -- which is necessary to sew this macaron to the next macaron.

If it is a macaron at the center: invert the macaron right-side-out and sew the back panel shut to the top and bottom sides of the macaron. This will make both sides of the macaron have an outside seam -- which are necessary to sew this macaron to the adjacent macarons.

Step 4: Feet Reveal

In baking macarons, the meringue rises up and cracks open to create the signature macaron feet.

For these, fill each macaron with pillow fill, then cut a wave pattern along the feet. The swirly threads in Step 2 will be revealed and add more texture to your costume, like baked macaron feet.

Step 5: Connect Macarons

Handstitch the macarons together and your costume ready to wear!

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    What are the approximate width of the various strips and how much longer are they than the circumference of the circles?


    Question 2 years ago on Introduction there any way I can pay you to make me an adult size version of this Macaroon costume? I REALLY want this but I have no one to help me make it and I cannot sew at all… I’m not joking about this… I wanted to do this last Halloween and no one would help me. Since you designed this costume, it seems like it would be easy for you to alter it into an adult size, if I sent you all of my measurements. Please please think about it, and let me know , I would like to have this done in plenty of time before Halloween because we’re having a big party and it’s the perfect thing for me to wear! I am serious about this....

    Many thanks,

    Liz E.


    3 years ago



    5 years ago

    Can you sell me this?


    6 years ago

    I must know if I could purchase this from you! It is too cute! Please email me at


    6 years ago on Introduction

    That girl is sooooooooooo cute ! Project is super adorable too.