Stackable Hanging Planter, 3D Printed

Introduction: Stackable Hanging Planter, 3D Printed

This is an Instuctable on how to make/model a Stackable Hanging Planter in Tinkercad.

I made this awesome design to hang in front of, for instance the kitchen window to grow small garden herbs.
It’s a small planter but I think thats cute and looks nice in front of the window. Especially of you print it with all different kinds of colours!

I made the renders with Cinema 4D.

Step 1: Materials

- 3D Printer
- Filament
- Potting soil
- Seeds
- Rope
- Hook (or something else to attach it in front of your window)

Step 2: Modelling

First you make an account on Tinkercad.
Once you did that you start a new project.

For this project I won’t put any sizes with the shapes, because it all depends on the size you want for you planter and the size of rope you have.
My planter is around 100x100x100mm. you can also download and print my design.

Create an icosahedron (Icosahedron-1)(see picture).
Create a box (Box-1) and put it just as in the picture so you wil cut of the top of Icosahedron-1.
Make Box-1 a hole. Select Icosahedron-1 and Box-1 and group them together.
Now you cut of the top of Icosahedron-1 (see picture).

Create a torus (Torus-1) and put it slightly over the corner just like in the picture.
Create a wedge (Wedge-1) and give it the same angle and size as the “triangle” pointing down (see picture).
Make Wedge-1 a hole. Select Torus-1 and Wedge-1 and group them together.
Now you cut out the Wedge from the Torus (see picture).
Create 2 cylinders and align them on the outside of the “triangle” pointing down and put them slightly in Icosahedron-1 (see picture).
Select the 2 cylinders and Torus-1 and group them together. Select the group again and make it a hole (see Picture).
Select the group with the torus and the 2 cylinders, and the Icosahedron-1 and group them together.Now you cut out the group with the torus and cylinders from the Icosahedron-1 (see picture).
Copy and paste the step before you cut the group out of the icosahedron, or repeat all the steps with every corner.
These will be the smalle gutters where the rope is gonna be.

Create a cylinder (Cylinder-1), and position it at the same place as in de picture at the top op Icosahedron-1.
Place it slightly inside, so when you subtract the cylinder you wil make a small gutter to place the ropes.
Make Cylinder-1 a hole. Select Cylinder-1 and Icosahedron-1 an group them together (see pictures).
Repeat this step with every corner (see picture).

Create a torus (Torus-2) and position it with an angle at the bottom of Icosahedron-1 (see picture).
Repeat this step with all the other sides (see picture).

Create a slightly smaller icosahedron (Icosahedron-2), and position it as in the picture, that the top op Icosahedron-2 sticks out of Icosahedron-1 (see picture).
This way, when you subtract Icosahedron-2 from Icosahedron-1 you will get the walls of the planter.
Make Icosahedron-2 a hole. Select Icosahedron-1 and Icosahedron-2, and group them together.
But now you see the 5 toruses at the bottom…

Create a box (Box-2, see picture) en place it so you don’t see the toruses anymore. Put it a bit higher to be on the save side.
Ungroup Icosahedron-1, so you get Icosahedron-2 back. Make Icosahedron-2 a color again (see picture).
Make Box-2 a hole. Select Box-2 and Icosahedron-2, and group them.
Now you subtracted Box-2 from Icosahedron-2, but you don’t see that yet.
Make Icosahedron-2 a hole again. Select Icosahedron-2 and Icosahedron-1, and group them together again.
Now you have a nice floor and you don’t see the toruses anymore.

The last step is to make al the toruses at the bottom of Icosahedron-1 as a hole.
Select al the toruses and Icosahedron-1 and group them together.
Whit this you cut out the holes where the rope is gonna be for the planter below.

Export it and print it with your 3D printer.

You can also download my STL file to print.

Step 3: Planting and Hanging

Once the printing is done you can put your favourite garden herbs in the planters!
Or if you printed them bigger your favourite plants.

Cut 5 pieces of rope (length is your own choice. Depends on the distance you want in-between the planters.).
Lace the rope trough the hole at the bottom of the planter and tie a knot. Do this with al the 5 ropes.
Now hook the rope at the corners of the planter and lead the rope trough the small gutters.

You tie the top planter to a hook in your window frame er in the sealing.
If you have a better idea for this pleas post it as a comment below.

I made some renders with different kinds of garden herbs, and it looks amazing!

Step 4: End

I hope you liked my idea and instructable!
If so, please vote for me in the Planter Contest and share it with the people who would like this instructable.

Thanks and have fun with your Stackable Hanging Planter!

P.s. If you make it please post some pictures I’d like to see all of your end results!

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