Introduction: Stackable Jump Leads for BreadBoards

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An on going project to find easier ways to hook up circuits.

Step 1:

Electronic Surplus stores used to carry universal socket strips.
These strips allowed the insertion of both ICs and components.
They could be cut to any length and often could fit within each other.

Also at one time wire wrapping digital circuits was a common practice.

Step 2:

Building and using jumpers appear to define component lead length.
Trimming leads to the right length makes things more solid.

Step 3:

The weakest link appears to be at the proto-board socket.
All other connections appear to be very solid.

Step 4:

The insulation on the jumpers appear to do their job.
This is somewhat dependent on soldering skill.
Making some end-caps does appear to improve things.

Step 5:

The jumper or component should rest on top the proto-board.
The longest lead as possible should be in its hole.

Every contact but the proto-board should be solid.
Perhaps some proto-boards use better sockets.