Introduction: Stackable Pots

Hi everybody!

I have designed an stackable pot for a vertical garden. We should try to print in 3D or make a mold and build in concrete. I will give here all designs!

Step 1: Designing!

My intention is to design a kind of pot able to put it vertical and stack one with each others. Fulfil with aromatic plants that I love like rosemary and thyme.

As you can see on the images, I have designed two different models: One octagonal and other square that perfectly fits one inside other.

Next step we see the tricks inside!

Step 2: Analysis of the Design

Think what it's this for... to grow plants! And plants for sure will need water so, it is important to be able to watering all pots at once. Checking the models you can see holes top and down of each one, that concatenate one with others so, the leftover water of one pot it is the watering of the pot below.

Step 3: That's All!

So you got a briefly interpretation of the designs. Now you can stack one each others and start growing your plants!

Remember when you transplant plants or flowers, you may do horizontal and let the roots grow for a couple of weeks in that position. Then you can stack and put it vertical.

Hope you like my work!
I would love to see some of you printing in 3D or design a mold and print the mold in 3D to fulfil of concrete =)

see attached the STEP and STL files.


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