Stacked Shelves




Introduction: Stacked Shelves

I have always had a lot of boxes and shelves laying around my house, suiting no purpose. I then decided why not re-purpose them! I planned to construct these stacked shelves from old dresser doors and boxes. Everything you see in this project is re-purposed and can more than likely be found around your home, ally or junkyard. This project is so easy to make and beautiful in any home.

Step 1: Gather!

Locate any necessary materials and tools you might need to accomplish your desired outcome of your stacked shelves. I had found some boxes and old shelves laying around my home. While, some of the other shelves I found in an alley that were once apart of a dresser. You’d be surprised on all the good quality things that get thrown away!

Step 2: Materials & Tools


- Old dressers or wooden boxes laying around (can be from junk yard or allies too).

- Phillips screws


- Hammer

- Power drill (Ryobi 60 pcs. drilling and driving kit)

-Drill bits (I used black oxide and Phillips drill bits)

Step 3: Plan

Once I gathered all the parts I wanted for my stacked shelves I assorted the placement of them. It’s good to have a good idea of how you want the final product to look, so that you build accordingly.

Step 4: Unscrew

Since my materials were all reused from other things I had to polish them up before using them in this project. For example, I had to unscrew the nails from the dressers and strip the excess wood parts I no longer wanted.

Step 5: Assemble & Place

Step 6:

Now that you have your tools, materials and a plan it’s time to build! I took two shelves at a time and put together. Then, I built onto the piece by adding and creating new compartments for the shelve. The majority of the screws used in this project were from when I took apart the shelves and boxes I already had. Then, you keep drilling more shelves until you fulfill desired outcome.

Step 7:
Once, your stacked shelves are pieced together find a beautiful place to put them. You can place them on a wall, the floor, they can substitute your headboard etc. This is a creative project to spice up any room in the house, while providing you with storage. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making it.

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