Stacking Stationary Box

Introduction: Stacking Stationary Box

This Stationary Box is my very first instruction in this site.

I hope you can understand and try your own stationary box.

You can make your own size and shape as well.

Enjoy !!!

Step 1: Prepare Materials and Tools

First you will need to prepare all the materials and tools.

You can choose your own need but i was using:

  • 2 balsa woods (1cm thickness)
  • Dowel stick (diameter 5mm)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Cutter
  • Sand paper
  • Saw
  • Drill Press (or Hand Drill if you don't have a Drill Press)
  • Compass

Step 2: Measurement

The next step is measure all the materials (balsa and dowel).

For this project i need:

  • 3 balsa size 10cm x 10cm,
  • 3 balsa size 9cm x 9cm,
  • 3 balsa size 8cm x 8cm,
  • 3 balsa size 7cm x 7cm,
  • 2 dowel sticks 13cm Length.

Step 3: Cut

Next you have to cut all the materials with cutter.


  1. Iron Ruler is needed when you want to cut those balsa,
  2. And for the dowel it would be easier if you using a saw.

Step 4: Make a Pattern

Now its time to make the pattern in all the balsa so it will make your work easier.

Step 5: Drilling

The next step is, Drill a big hole and two small holes for the dowels.

Don't forget for the base you just need to drill two small holes for the dowels.

For the big hole i use a drill bit called hole saw with diameter around 5.5cm

And for the small one i use a drill bit no.5 (as big as the dowels).


  1. Before drilling technique you can use couple of masking tape (or other tape) to stick all the same size balsa so you can drill all those balsa as one,
  2. For the small hole you need to make sure that your drill bit is not too big for the dowels. its better to be a little bit smaller.

Step 6: Sanding

After Drilling you need to sanding all the balsa and dowel with sand paper.

It will make your works tidier.

Step 7: Stacking Time

The final step is Stacking Time !!

You just need to stack all the balsas and insert the dowels into the holes.

Step 8: Done !

And its finally done !!

You can stack all these woods up to you and change it anytime you want to.

Happy trying guys !!

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