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Introduction: Stag Deer Head Drawing Pin Art

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I'm a mountain loving kind of chap and had the idea to create a deer drawing pin art project a few years ago. I finally got round to making it and thought I'd share the results. You can buy a whole bunch of drawing pins on eBay for around £5.00, so its a fairly cheap project to do too.

What you'll need:
  • Sheet of 8mm MDF wood
  • 3 metres of 2"x3" wood
  • Screws, saw, drill, wood glue, hammer and screwdriver
  • Roll sheet of cork (got mine from a model railway shop)
  • Cork spray glue (for floor tiles)
  • Tub of wall emulsion and paint brush
  • A projector
  • Stag Deer outline template (attached below)
  • 1000+ silver drawing pins
  • Patience...

Step by step:
  1. Cut the MDF to your desired size
  2. Cut the 2"x3" wood into mitre join (45 degree angle) strips to fit on the back of the MDF panel
  3. Glue the wood strips onto the back of the MDF, drill pilot holes and fix into place
  4. Paint the sides of the panel with the white emulsion (several coats needed)
  5. Roll out the cork and glue into place with the floor tile spray glue
  6. Cut off excess cork along the edges for a nice finish
  7. Use a projector to project the Stag Deer Template zip file below
  8. Start pressing in the drawing pins into place in the black area of the template and gently fix into place using a hammer
It took me about 3 hours to get them all into place, but is worth it in the end. Its a beautiful piece that changes with different light throughout the day.
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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love it!! It's beautiful.
    For a moment, I thought this was made with buckyballs. Which gives me an idea. . .


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Its so easy to do as well with lots of other mark making media. I was also thinking of doing it with thin pins and joining up the outlines with thread or wool. (Just had a look at buckyballs, they're pretty crazy too. Could probably do it with thinner MDF and strong button magnets glued to the back).