Introduction: Stage Piano Stand

Here is how I made a stand for our new stage piano. The model is Kurzweil-KA90.

We decided not to buy a ready made stand, but to make our own instead. The stand is supposed to be a part of our daughter's room furniture, so it had to have a "pianish" look. It had to be cheap, easy to make, and classy.

Step 1:

First and most important step is to draw a nice design. It had to be robust and steady with minimum number of pieces. The exact dimentions were extracted from the plan. There was a provision for a top board for the music rack and the metronome.

The construction is all MDF, and the pieces were cut in a local woodcraft store.

It is very important that the top of the keys is 72,5cm from the floor.

Step 2:

Most of the parts are rectangular but some of them had to be cut in a curved shape, using a jigsaw.

Step 3:

Almost all of the parts had to be edge trimmed with the router. The side legs had to be curved with the same tool.

Step 4:

We glued the music rack

Step 5:

The final test after the construction just to make sure that the dimentions are the right ones.

All the parts were put together with polyvine wood glue and screws.

Step 6:

Every surface was painted with wood primer first. The edges were given two layers.

Carefull sanding is essential after the primer dries.

Step 7:

Three layers of water based enamel color. Light sanding in between.

Step 8:

And behold! Here is the final result.