Introduction: Stained Glass Decorations

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These cute decorations can be hung on anyone's Christmas tree. They are made of thick plastic and is painted with glass stain and white acrylic paint. It is fairly easy with some patience. Enjoy.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's what you'll need. -glass stain paint -acrylic if you use white or a color like that -paint brushes OR eye dropper -cup to rinse paint brushes -napkin to dry paint brushes -something to cover your work space( I had a big sheet of plastic) -something to paint

Step 2: Set Up

You may want to set up your work space so you won't have to get up or move a lot. It can get rather messy.

Step 3: Colors

For this instructable I'll be painting a simple candy cane. I got all the colors I need and now I'm ready to paint. I only had limited colors and of you don't have the color you need, use this color chart to make it. Yellow Red = Orange Red Green = Brown Red Blue = Purple Yellow Green = Lime Blue Green = Turquoise

Step 4: Paint

When using glass stainer and a paint brush, you don't need to paint like its in a piece of paper. If you have a small tip eye dropper, those are great for stuff like this. But if you have a paint brush, gently drop the paint into the desired spot. The more, the darker, and it will have more glow when it hits the light.

Step 5: More Paint

Acrylic paint isn't like our other paint. Acrylic is thicker and easier to mess up with. If you do mess up, rip a small piece off of a paper towel off and wad it up and the towel will soak up the majority of it. Remember to not get frustrated and take your time.

Step 6: That's It!

And now we have a candy cane. It may take a couple hours to completely dry but after that they are ready to be shown off to your friends!