​Stained Glass Egg



Introduction: ​Stained Glass Egg

About: I was born in Madrid, Spain. I started drawing and modeling in my early childhood. I studied Fine Arts for five years at the University of Madrid. I like create articulated dolls.

Build a Stained "Glass" Egg, very easily, with a 3d drawing pen.

Step 1: Materials

  • 3d drawing pen
  • 3D printing filament (colored filament and translucent filament)
  • Scissors
  • A balloon
  • A glove (optional) I cut the end of a glove
  • Led light (optional)

Step 2: Inflates a Balloon and Draw on It With 3d Filament

Inflates the balloon to the size you want. Wrap the filament to your liking around the balloon. Start drawing the filament color, I chose purple. You can go gently pressing the filament while hot with the glove, so you can join the wires well. You must fill the void with transparent filament, trying that the drawings are polygonal shapes.

Step 3: Removes the Balloon and Place LED Light

Remove the inner balloon and place a LED light that you prefer. You can place a spotlight, small lights, or the phone flash light...

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