Introduction: Stained Glass Light House

Hello my fellow Instructables this is my DIY stained Glass Light House it has a USB RGB L E D strip


Step 1:

The 1st thing is to make a template of the lighthouse body. if things are fine then cut the glass Any Color and any size you like, for the body you will need 8 pieces, for the balcony floor 8 pieces we are working from the bottom up

for the top, you will need 12 pieces of two different sizes

" cut all the pieces clean and grind cover with copper foil"

for the balcony safety rail use wire that has been twisted using a drill see pictures

on the bottom of the balcony place, the 8 pieces of L bracket see the last picture

Step 2:

for the very top, you will need the triangle pieces X 6 and the glass Dot or marble

Step 3:

use your imagination and make the small house as you like

Step 4:

for the base cut a 5mm thick clear glass the lighthouse will rest on this, on top of this glass place stained glass in any color and shape, make sure to leave an opening so the LED strip could pass through

make the Body of the base with wood if desired, with an inside edge to support the lighthouse

" Before soldering the lighthouse to the base install the wood dowel in the middle of the wooden base and wrap the RGB LED strip making sure it goes all the way to the top."

Hope you guys like my project this was my very 1st stained glass project

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